What is changing about the way we work?

This is not going to be a long winded explanation of the why’s, how’s, who’s, and what’s of this conversation. It is being debated across a wide cross section of industries and traditional labor sectors. You can find a never ending amount of content on the subject.

What I know about about working is that people of all ages, backgrounds, and education levels are finding ways to spend more time doing the things the love and less time building the dreams of others. This means that employers, non-profits, and big corporations alike are going to have to adapt to a workforce that is no longer accepting the status quo.

The proactive companies and employers will find ways to work with their employees to support their success in the company rather than expecting a rigid adherence to an outdated and inefficient system. People are looking for companies that are willing to embrace efficiency and let go of the micro-management that costs everyone time and money.

Most of all, potential employees are weighing the “opportunity costs” ( Jennie Mustafa-Julock) rather than saying yes to the first employment offer they get. In fact, many are deciding to not apply to positions that are not a good fit for their dreams, goals, and family life. I believe this is a departure from the traditional path workers have taken in the past.

With the changes in expectations on both sides, come the questions of how and where people will work. The “where” of it all has been answered in many cities with the appearance of coworking spaces that allow people to join communities comprised of many people working remotely in all kinds of capacities.

Here are a few more thoughts about coworking and working remotely from a variety of sources

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author | ghostwriter | dreamer | backpacker | Founder of The Legacy Recorder (http://thelegacyrecorder.com) | http://gaelgilliland.com

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Gael Gilliland

Gael Gilliland

author | ghostwriter | dreamer | backpacker | Founder of The Legacy Recorder (http://thelegacyrecorder.com) | http://gaelgilliland.com

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